Sunday, January 10, 2010

we have a rockstar on our hands

Cameron has a knack for looking at life in a round about, underside, flip flop way. When I least expect it, things fly out of his mouth that either make my eyes bug out of my head, turn me around so he can't see me giggling or just plain blush.
This little man loves older women. He pals around with all the eight and nine year old women on the street. They think he is the best. He always has a little gathering of women that he is holding their attention with his antics. The moms are included in this. Laughing at him....and at me. This past summer topped everything. Here comes Cameron flying down the street on his skateboard with no shoes, no shirt, no helmet, with a small can of Dr. Pepper in his hand. He's three. I see this as my car is pulling up in the cul de sac and I am saying "Hi," to two other moms. Cameron skids out in front of us and chucks this can across the pavement next to us. As he picks it up, I call out to him with shock and disapproval in my voice, "What in the world are you doing!?" He looks up at me with this face that tells me he has no idea why I would even show any concern about what he just pulled off in front of our eyes, and ..... BURPS, "WHAT???" Stop and read that again. He did. He burped that word at me. AND, he even managed to do it with that tone that kids have used with their parents since the world began. I don't think he burped on purpose. It just happened that way because Cameron is a rockstar and his timing is impeccable. I glanced next to me for moral support on this one, but my two friends had their hands over their mouths, heads half turned, eyes wide open, giggling.
This phenom shakes and smacks his little booty everywhere he goes. Literally. He would head bop and shimmy in his car seat as a baby. Wherever we go, he is dancing and bouncing and doing tricks. If he isn't doing the boogie, he has an air guitar in his hands. When others ask about the boys piano playing, he tells people that he "plays the microphone!" And he does. His hands start moving and his booty starts bopping and all sorts of music comes out. Last week, Cameron finally got to go to the big kid primary at church. He raised his hand during singing time and asked to sing, "Jingle Bell Rock" which he knows by heart. With a microphone and a little boogie to go with it.
This is the man who while potty training and learning the ABC's sang this song at the top of his lungs during church...."ABCDEFGHIJK, I have to go PEE, QRSTUV...." You get the picture, right? Sing it. It works. I have friends who still talk about that moment to this day. He sang it like that for a while because it was our party trick and we couldn't give it up. It's tough to get that LMNOP in without stumbling over your tongue anyway.
So, Cameron has a "Little People" bike. Anyone with toddlers knows what "Little People" means. Cheesy, baby animal stickers with white tires. This bike measures small. It came with training wheels. CAME. They are gone. He rode it this way, maybe twice. He got those off and slapped some cool stickers on it and now this tricked out toddler bike is a BMX bike. Literally. So, because it has no brakes and can spin on it's handlebars, guess how he rides this bike. He saddles this bike with gusto, turns it on the bars as he jumps off of it and then FLIPS the bike over with a big flourish. I said FLIP. Last time he did it, it landed in the bushes and scared the "youknowwhat" outta me. His feeet touch the ground when he sits, so he can pull off all sorts of turns and jumps. I would not believe it unless I saw it for myself. Unfortunately he likes to practice on the wood floors because the street hurts your knees worse when you skid out. We had to put the kabosh on that real fast. Now he has settled for the driveway because he can get some speed with the incline.
Cameron called me out to the halp pipe the other day to see his trick. He took his scooter and set it up at the top of the ramp. He tried to explain what he was about to do and dropped in and crashed. He immediately told me it did not work and he had me shove his scooter up on the other side to start over. This child of mine proceeded to drop in and on his way back up (heading my way) launched his razor off the ramp. The thing sliced the air by my cheek...I felt a breeze. That was the trick. He meant to launch it away from me the first time, but I don't think he considered where it would hit the second time. These tricks of his seem a tad on the crazy side. I made him come inside after that.
So...there will be side posts of Cameron's Crazy Comments from now on...I already started on FACEBOOK and decided to keep them on our blog so that we can keep them around for a while. You never know, he could be famous one day....oh wait, he already is.

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  1. welcome back to the blogging world :) that kid kills me. keep the stories coming!!
    love you