Monday, February 1, 2010

learn something new everyday...

Tonight we had some serious FHE time. Jaren gave the lesson and did a superb job of getting the point across. He got right to the point. So we all need to know that the church is true. Not just someone telling us, but we need to know for ourselves. Then, Jaren proceeded to tell us why he knows the church is true and then asked each one of us individually how we know or when we first knew the church was true. We dove right in, getting an opportunity to bear our testimonies of how we know we are following God and Jesus Christ in our worship. I bore my testimony of how I first came to know that the Savior is real and has a love for all and a plan for all and that the church was the method to getting us all united and supportive of each other so we could all find Him personally. So, each of us had a different experience to share and the boys did a good job of giving their experiences. THEN came the questions! Fact questions that we had to answer. The boys answers were cracking us up! Dallin answered two of the funniest of the night.
“What are the two types of priesthood” “Melchezedik and….Ironic!” He he. Collins and I both looked and each other and laughed at how ironic that our little goofballs at twelve will have the Ironic priesthood. Very Ironic.
THEN the next question, “What is used for translating?”(something like that-I was half listening to the question and half listening to the answers Cameron was still giving from the last question!) Dallin piped up, “The Urine and Thumbin!” BwAhhhh! Ha! Ha! You can imagine how hard we were laughing at that! He was serious. We eventually got to tell the boys that Urim and Thummim means truth and light. No more laughing after that!
So….nuf said. We got a long ways to go….just keep pluggin away at those FHE lessons. Good thing we put Jaren in charge this week. I don’t know if we could have had a better lesson that the one we had!