Sunday, January 24, 2010

a funny thing happened on...

Okay. So this has to be one of those really, really....really funny moments as a parent. Actually, anyone will find this moment to be absolutely hysterical. I hope I can tell it that you will be rolling on the floor, with your gut hurting, your mouth hurting and tears streaming down your eyes. Cuz that’s what we did when a funny thing happened on Saturday night
Collins and AM decided to see a movie. That is not the funny part. Don’t get ahead of the story. We put the little guys to bed. Jaren and Dallin stayed up a bit longer, but we asked Jaren to sleep in our bed in case Cameron woke up and came looking for us.
We arrived at home to a sleeping house and woke Jaren up to get him into his bed. Collins walked Jaren to his bedroom while Ann-Marie went to brush her teeth in the bathroom. Collins asked Jaren on the way to his room if he had his night gaurd. Jaren mumbled something and turned around to..get his night gaurd? So, Collins..being the amazing Dad that he is...proceeds to check on Dallin and goes into the little guys’ room to tuck them in better and make sure they are good. He walks into our bathroom and asks Ann-Marie, “Have you seen Jaren, he isn’t in his bed?” “No,” she replies as she washes her face. Collins turns around and heads back to his room to see him sacked out on his bed. Okay, that was wierd. So, Collins heads back to get ready for bed, wondering what had happened with Jaren and notices that the light to the laundry room is open. HMMM. He walks over to the door and opens it. There is a line of liquid across the grout in the tile coming from the dryer. HE DID Collins opens the lid....Oh, yes he did! Our sleepwalker had gone and piddled in the dryer drum....FILLED IT UP! And closed it. And went back to bed. Collins was busting up and so Ann-Marie had to come find him to see what was up. Seriously. Can you even picture it? We could not stop laughing....for about ½ hour. Just mulling over how that all happened. Our faces were stuck in goofy, plastered grins and we didn’t stop giggling until we realized that Jaren was asleep and would not be cleaning it up.


  1. So Funny! I will be giggling for at least a couple of hours out of this one. I think that McKay has done this, but in a toy bin-ack!