Sunday, January 24, 2010

no fear

Three Year Old, that is his name now...until he turns four, got a sweatshirt from Grandma & Grandpa Mchale that says NO FEAR. When he opened the Christmas present, he immediately asked what the letters were, because he knew they did not say C A M E R O N. I told him it said NO FEAR, like you are brave and tough and can do anything. WELL, that sealed the deal. This kids asks to wear this sweatshirt every time I ask him what shirt he wants to put on. “The motorcycle NO FEAR sweatshirt!” Every time. AND...he walks around telling people, “This is my NO FEAR sweatshirt....see, it says NO FEAR right hear and (as he spins around with his no nonsense-super stylin’-headsnap back around spin) on the back, too!” Whoa.
SO the men in the family went to a new skatepark out by Jaren’s soccer game. Collins, amazing Dad guy, took them and I was going to meet them at the game so Collins could go to a funeral back in SC. I showed up at the game and Dallin, the informant, came up to me and said, “Cameron cut open his chin.” Well, that stinks. I head over to the sidelines where Three Year Old is frolicking in the grass with some older woman (she is six) with a huge grin on his face. Looked good. I sat down next to Collins and asked him what was going on. “Cameron came up the ramp and didn’t quite make the top and came back down on his chin. He bit his tongue up pretty good and split his chin open. Lots of blood. Figured we would have to go to the emergency room, but then I didn’t want to have to spend 500 bucks or sit in the waiting room. So I went to Rite Aid and got some super glue and closed it up.” He he. That is MY man. Hottie. I mean, Dr. Hottie. So after I smothered him with kisses..just kidding..we were at a kiddie soccer game...It would have to wait till later....I sauntered over to Cameron so I could nonchalantly check out the situation without scaring him. I got down on my knees for a better look and asked him, “So how are you doing?” “Good, I am a doggie right now and Julia is trying to skate away from me.” Well, he really doesn’t seem that affected by this horrible skatepark crash, so I asked him if I could see his chin. He proudly jutted his chin out and head up. So much for being a scaredy cat! Yeow! That looked meaty and messy...and BIG. “I am impressed Cam Cam! Are you good?” “Yea, NO FEAR,” he said with that short, tough tone. He continued to show his mess of a chin to anyone who would ask. The only time he complained was when he tried to eat a tangerine. The juice burned his tongue and dripped onto his chin.
The boys and I walked across the field as they decided who was the same, now, with their chin scars. I love these kind of conversations. Where everyone has their say and everyone sounds like an authority on the subject. Even Three Year Old. Part of the club. Dallin has no chin scar and decided he might need to get one.
As we headed down the street in the car I said, “Hey, that was so cool of Dad to take to the new skatepark. What was your favorite part?” After they boys all piped up with what they liked, Three Year Old yelled out, “My favorite part was busting my chin open!” Seriously. I even turned around to see him with that huge grin still on his face. Seriously. NO FEAR.

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