Wednesday, February 25, 2009

that is so NOT funny

I woke up the other night to something nibbling on my arm. It was NOT my husband. Our hamster had escaped again and gone missing for a few days. I was standing on the bed, body hugged to the wall, screeching for Collins to GET IT!!!! Collins just thought that was so funny. I say nay, nay. We looked for that thing from 12:30 am to 1:00 am. We saw him dart under the bed and then we think he went back into his hiding place. Collins has set up a different trap for him every night. Let me just say that we don't have a hamster in the cage. I am still uneasy going to sleep. And I think we are going to stick with pet fish from now on. Cuz if they get out of their cage, they die.


  1. Oh, yes - that was very funny!!! What was wrong with a hamster nibbling on you?

  2. AAAAGGGHHHH!! I'm laughing SO HARD! That was a great mental picture!

  3. why can i see that happening to you? how funny!