Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Four boys don't fit in the shower

I don't know why all the boys have to get in THE shower each night...not just a shower, but my shower. All together. If they go in their shower, they have to go in shifts and I have to stand there yanking them out on one side and shoving them in on the other so no one collides and the water doesn't get all over the walls and floors. Cuz Daddy always has something to say about the excessive amounts of water left in the bathroom when the whirling durvish of slippery limbs and wet heads is over.
I don't know who started the "rat tail" fight with the washcloth or the "jump off the bench in the shower" contest or the "who can make the wettest fart noise with their hands over the mouth" contest or "who can clap the water into each other's eyes the hardest" fight or "who can stand the longest in the hottest water" contest or "who can make the coolest picture on the glass" contest. But, I think it has something to do with the fact that they are all in there..at the SAME time. Oh, and Dallin's waterproof watch. I mean, do the people that design houses do this on purpose as a joke?! Hey, lets put the fun shower that all the kids can fit in mom and dad's bathroom. That way, the water can get drug all over the upstairs!
The most pitiful part about it is that I have let it go this far. In everything. As long as nobody is hurt. Because I cannot come up with anything even remotely close to the energy or momentum that these boys have together. One boy is one boy. Two boys is four. Four boys is...like sixteen. The energy astounds me...it is ordered chaos. And I know they are done when somebody gets hurt. (whistle blow) That's it... everybody, out of the pool!
Unless, of course, they are hurt so bad that they can't stop laughing....that's when I know I am in for it.